The Blob? Life-forms on early Earth were probably blobs of bacteria

When the first life-forms spawned in the primordial soup that eventually became what we know as our planet, what were they really like?

It could have been something that at least looks as if it came straight out of a sci-fi-horror double feature.

Whatever the Blob was really supposed to be, it is unknown whether that thing — which famously terrorized a movie theater in the 1958 film (and its 1988 remake, above) — was just one massive alien amoeba or a monster conglomeration of amoebas. Life-forms like this are not so fictional if it was the latter. Biofilms are globs of bacteria that can function as a single multicellular organism. Until now, unicellular microbes were thought to have been the first life on Earth. New research has found that some biofilms not only grow like animal embryos, but possibly evolved like them.

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